Listening to the whispers of God waking him up from sleep and noting down the prayer that was told to him in the Holy Voice, Mickey J. Ridings devoted his life to spreading the word of God and studying the life of Jesus Christ to prove to the skeptics that his resurrection is not a myth in a new logical and scientific light with references to the Bible. Mickey J. Ridings shares his wondrous journey with us in his book about how he came to be such a devoted follower of the Holy words of God.

- Mickey J Ridings, JD

About The Author

Mickey J Ridings, JD

Growing up on the mountainside of East Tennessee, with a traditional family and no technology to keep him company, Mickey J. Ridings spent his time learning about Jesus, Christianity and forming a deeper and more meaningful connection with God, trying to understand his words and commands in the Bible, and eventually experiencing times where he heard God’s audible voice in his ear himself. Then again, a few years later. Following God’s instructions in his ear, Ridings’ life has been filled with blessings that outweigh the bad he experienced. Now, he delves deep into examining the evidence behind both ancient and modern tenets of Christianity, elucidating them for others. His aim? To guide individuals down the path of faith by fostering a genuine comprehension of and evidence for the Holy Scriptures.

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