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Turin Shroud:

The Fifth Gospel

A Scientific and Legal Case for the Resurrection

by Mickey J Ridings, JD

Explore “Turin Shroud: The Fifth Gospel, A Scientific and Legal Case for the Resurrection”

The book covers the most important 8 days that created Western Civilization. The book provides evidence proving the following.

  • That Jesus arose within three days.
  • Proof that Jesus arose at 3:AM on Sunday morning, April 5th, 33 AD.
  • Proof the sun at noon time failed to shine as recorded in the Bible.
  • Proof that the temple was damaged as recorded in the Bible.
  • Evidence that an earthquake occurred as recorded in the Bible.
  • Proof that the saints arose from their graves as recorded in the Bible.
  • Name of Prophet that predicted the exact date of Jesus crucifixion over 500 years earlier.
  • Proof of a prophecy fulfilled that is only revealed in the Shroud.
  • Merges over 50 years of expert’s scientific studies into a understandable narrative.
  • 80% our children leave the faith while in college, please write your testimony
    in the book and give them this sword to defend their faith.
  • No other book like it is on the market.



“I was captivated by the meticulous research and intellectual rigor presented in ‘Turin Shroud: The Fifth Gospel.’ It challenges readers to rethink the foundations of their faith and offers a fresh perspective on the resurrection. A must-read for anyone seeking truth.”

—Jane Smith, reader and Bible study group leader.

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"Pictured at a wedding reception, we eagerly anticipate our union with Jesus while recalling His first miracle at the wedding in Cana of Galilee. "

About the


Growing up on the mountainside of East Tennessee, with a traditional family and no technology to keep him company, Mickey J. Ridings spent his time learning about Jesus, Christianity and forming a deeper and more meaningful connection with God, trying to understand his words and commands in the Bible, and eventually experiencing times where he heard God’s audible voice in his ear himself. Then again, a few years later. Following God’s instructions in his ear, Ridings’ life has been filled with blessings that outweigh the bad he experienced. Now, he delves deep into examining the evidence behind both ancient and modern tenets of Christianity, elucidating them for others. His aim? To guide individuals down the path of faith by fostering a genuine comprehension of and evidence for the Holy Scriptures.

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